Data Entry at Home – Is it For You?



Is Data Entry at Home the Only Option?

Data entry at home in your pajamas looks easy and glamorous. But is it for YOU?

Stay at home… without having to work – even so much as daycare! Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? In fact, for most people, financial freedom and total independence would certainly rank high on the dream list… albeit sadly, ‘The Impossible Dream’ list.

But as my 78 year old mom says, “It’s 2009!” She says that often to explain, as well as to help herself accept, the many changes rapidly taking place in our world today.

Indeed, it’s 2009! And this year, according to one source, it will require investment assets of $3.1 million dollars in order to stay at home without having to work while still maintaining a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.

Is that possible for you?

Don’t feel too bad because in 2009, this scenario isn’t possible for fully 97% of the world’s population. Some figures suggest that it’s even higher making it truly ‘The Impossible Dream’.

So does this mean you should be running for the first opportunity you can find? Is it really possible for you to work from home and to be able to control your own hours and income doing what you love?

The Appeal of Data Entry at Home

Take a quick look around. ‘Data entry at home’ classifieds are literally everywhere. The reason is easy to understand. We live in an age of information and personal data collection is a HUGE industry.

Data entry is no longer confined to name, address and phone number either. Your buying habits and preferences are tracked with every purchase you make via your debit or credit card. From the phone calls you make to the web sites you visit, the amount of information collected about you is staggering, not to mention scary. In fact, there’s a good chance that somebody is collecting valuable personal information about you right now.

The demand is definitely there which is why data entry at home is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Enter the Glamorous World of Data Entry at Home

There are many reasons why people are attracted to data entry at home work including:


  • High demand – data entry at home jobs are plentiful and easy to get
  • Start immediately – many people already possess the basic necessary skills – no 4-year university degree constraints and very little, if any, re-training required.
  • Time flexibility – offers the ability to work at home how and when you want
  • No commute – saves time, aggravation and travel expense


Yes, data entry at home dangles the glamorous dream of being able to work in your pajamas whenever you want. However, before you quit your regular job, be cautioned that working from home for yourself and by yourself is definitely NOT for everyone. Regardless of how easy and accessible these types of jobs appear, this glamorous dream can often turn into a nightmare for some.

Some points to seriously consider before taking that data entry at home job:


  • Do you have what it takes to work at home for yourself and by yourself? (The truth is, many people don’t!)
  • Online data entry at home and other related ‘business’ opportunities – who can you trust? Fact: for every legitimate opportunity there are literally dozens of scams. Do you know how to tell the good ones from the bad?
  • Overnight success online – there are promises galore, but you have a better chance of winning the pengeluaran sgp than you do of becoming an overnight sensation online. One thing is for sure; at $5-$30 an hour, you won’t become independently wealthy doing data entry at home.


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